How I work

I respect the uniqueness of each individual and believe clients are the experts on themselves. I use a holistic approach, helping clients to use their own resources and build on their strengths, working through issues, solving problems, achieving goals, and increasing self-awareness.

My Approach and Philosophy

My approach is friendly and client-centred; and my philosophy is integrative, informed by several psychological theories, including psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural, humanistic and Gestalt.

How I can help

I offer professional counselling in Maidstone and Tonbridge.  A qualified nurse, I have a range of techniques informed by a variety of psychotherapeutic disciplines and I am able to offer therapy without being constrained by a long NHS waiting list and limited sessions.

" I believe that the past can affect the present and, subsequently, determine the future; and so it can be useful to explore past experiences. "

For some difficulties, it helps to focus on changing the patterns of thinking and behaviour which can lie behind problems. I also find that the relationship between the therapist and client can be very informative, supportive and healing.

Benefits of therapy

Arrange an appointment

To make an appointment, you can email me or ring or text me on 07919 077519.  I’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible to confirm details.

Very few of us can see our own problems clearly. Let me help you get to the root of yours with my holistic counselling services in Maidstone & Tonbridge.

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